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Why is Insider Trading so Seriously Taken?

Posted by on Oct 18, 2015 in Criminal Defense | 0 comments

Surely, there’s not much harm that telling a secret can do, right? Well, there certainly is a lot of damage that one secret can do that could jeopardize an entire institution or government. Employees are usually made to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to protect the information that is passed down within the offices. This can be as harmless as house rules within the company lavatory to trade secrets that could ruin an entire industry overnight.

It is so seriously taken because this is a day and age where the man who holds the information is king. Rome wasn’t built in a day, no, but it could certainly be razed in just one.

So what can you do if you are suspected of colluding with insider trading? Unfortunately, if you are questioned of insider trading then the chances of you having been under heavy scrutiny and investigation for a few months is quite high, according to the website of the lawyers with Kohler Hart Powell. It is then important to remember that you have every right to exercise your constitutional rights to both remain silent and demand legal counsel before you answer to any allegations made against you.

Insider trading is a serious felony, yes, but that doesn’t mean that you have to simply accept accusations against you, especially if there is no firm evidence that is enough to warrant arrest or conviction. Government agents are quite skilled at questions that might seem mundane but could result into potentially incriminating answers, if the person they’re questioning doesn’t understand the way the process of this kind of trial works.

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing allegations of insider trading, it is then recommended that experienced and professional white collar criminal defense attorneys are contacted immediately in order to ensure a fair and just trial.

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