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Preventing Workplace Injuries

Posted by on Mar 31, 2015 in Workplace Safety | 0 comments

Pre-employment testing is generally aimed to ensure workplace safety. An effective pre-employment testing and examination can establish whether an applicant is suitable for a certain job or not. Hiring someone unfit for a specific task or job can only increase risks of disease or injury in the workplace, and can even cause harm to others when they get into an accident. Aside from testing the suitability of the applicant for the job, pre-employment testing helps mitigate any issues that may arise after an employee has been in an accident and through physical therapy to determine whether they are still physically fit for their previous job.

Workplace safety is a great concern for all companies, since any type of accident can be costly to the business. Aside from the worker’s compensation that will pay for the damages that the employee has suffered, the accident can take away important working hours and sick leaves that could delay the work and cost the company more money. A serious breach of workplace safety can even lead to long-term disability or death of a valuable employee. In order to limit the risks of such tragedy, pre-employment testing and physical examination should be done before hiring a person to give them a specific task.

There are other ways to prevent workplace injuries aside from implementing pre-employment screenings. It is also important for employers to provide proper orientation on their new employees regarding the implemented safety procedures in the workplace. They should also be provided with the necessary safety gears and protection suitable for the job that they will be doing, and to understand the specific dangers that come along with it. They should know the first thing to do when an emergency occurs in the workplace to limit the injuries and damages that may occur, and have the mandatory rests to ensure fatigue and stress will not cause distraction on the employee. To get the best from the pre-employment testing to prevent workplace injuries, each assessment should be modified to fit the appropriate requirement of a specific job. This will not only benefit the company, but most importantly the employee in the long run.

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