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Purpose of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Millions of accidents occur due to a person’s own carelessness; however, records show that so many more accidents happen due to the negligent act of someone else.

Acting or behaving in ways that will not endanger another person is a fundamental responsibility to every person. Thus, those who choose to act without regard for the safety of others, causing them harm as a result, can very well expect to be recipients of a civil lawsuit, wherein innocent victims (or victims’ families) would have the right to seek and receive compensation from them.

An injury, which is a result of negligence, is called personal injury; it may be physical, emotional or mental. Personal injuries can happen through many different ways, including, but not limited to: car accidents; motorcycle accidents; truck accidents; construction accidents; medical malpractice; defective products; slip and fall accidents; and, nursing home abuse or negligence. While many accidents result to severe (personal) injuries, there are cases wherein their effect is much more damaging, leading to a victim’s wrongful or untimely death

In the case of wrongful death, the family or dependents of the deceased can file a lawsuit against the liable person or company for the purpose of seeking justice. This legal action or lawsuit is called a wrongful death claim. It is filed for the benefit of the “real parties in interest” or the surviving family members and the decedent’s other dependents. A wrongful death claim is actually a special kind of personal injury lawsuit that is filed for the purpose of seeking compensation for whatever pecuniary or financial damages the dependents may suffer, like loss of the decedent’s financial support, services and companionship, lost prospect of inheritance, and medical and funeral expenses.

According to The Benton Law Firm, it may just be the duty of dependents or family members to bring the the person responsible for the wrongful death of their family member to justice; to hold him or her accountable for whatever wrong he or she has done. Seeking the help of a seasoned wrongful death lawyer for this purpose can be advantageous for the family of the deceased.

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